What can we help you with?

Knowledge base

Our Support Purpose

Nyriad aims to assist its customers to achieve excellent outcomes with our solutions including Nyriad's HPSC.

Our Support Process

The Nyriad Support Platform is the engine that supports our customers . Here customers will be able to find articles and how-to guides for solutions Nyriad offers. All Customers,can submit requests to our support team by using our ticketing system. The platform promotes the following customer centric standards:
  • We strive to promptly answer customer requests
  • If we were unable to respond to a customer’s message promptly, we will reply within 1 business day
  • We will introduce ourselves using first names so that customers can benefit from the continuity of case agents
  • We take responsibility for, and ownership of all customer inquiries
  • Our agents use clear and concise language when talking to our customers in order to easily understand each query
  • Where any inquiry requires an in-depth investigation or follow-up that is expected to take longer than 48 hours, we will acknowledge customer correspondence, and where possible, provide a resolution date

Customers can also reach us via email at support@nyriad.zendesk.com to help you through any queries you may have.

Nyriad's Service Standards

These standards apply to all forms of support that Nyriad provides to its customers and partners:
  • Our agents will show respect towards our customers and partners
  • We provide and maintain a comprehensive, efficient and friendly customer support platform
  • We take ownership of all customer and partner inquiries and will provide appropriate and timely feedback on the status and results
  • We strive to ensure that our customer service will serve the needs of our customers into perpetuity through our continuous improvement methodology
  • Shared information and confidentiality are maintained at all times
  • Nyriad's services team will strive to meet realistic committed time-frames and expectations at all times
  • Any information Nyriad provides will be as accurate and consistent as possible

Help us Support You

To ensure our support is as efficient as possible, Customers can help us by:
  • Being polite, courteous and respectful to our staff at all times
  • Providing all the necessary and accurate information when contacting us so we can be efficient with your enquiry
  • Letting us know immediately if you have resolved the issue yourself and how
  • Using the appropriate channels for customer enquiries exclusively and reserving social media for general dialogue only

Continuous Improvements

Nyriad strives to provide the best customer support service, and are always looking for ways to improve quality.

We conduct regular 'Customer Satisfaction' surveys and implement quality improvement training for our staff as appropriate.

Whether a customer has a request for a fix, feature, or would like to provide a compliment, Nyriad wants to hear from you.